4RinEU at the clustering workshop for deep renovation


Our project 4RinEU has been involved in the clustering workshop during the Sustainable Places conference 2018 (SP2018), which took place on June 27thand 28that INES Research & Development premises in Chambery. SP2018 is an annual international event which gathers stakeholders, experts, researchers dealing with innovative solutions for energy efficiency and sustainability in buildings and renewable integration. This year the conference was really successful attracting 158 attendees from different countries from all over the world, and main actors and players participate in order to present innovative actions, discuss market trends and envies possible synergies and connections. The main purpose of SP2018 is to foster the knowledge transfer and research valorization. The focus is on the commercial, technological and scientific intersections between Energy-efficient Buildings (EeB) and the collaborating smart grids, policies, construction actors, and forward-thinking communities. In this regards, SP2018 represents a strategic occasion to show the 4RinEU achievements to a specialized and interested audience.

With the collaboration of three main projects dealing with innovative approaches for building deep renovation: More-Connect, ProGETone and P2Endure, 4RinEU organized a clustering workshop during the first day of the conference.

The workshop was focused on the presentation of the main results of the four projects and on the discussion of the lessons learnt from their implementation. Moreover, the workshop offered the opportunity to have an interactive discussion to guarantee the possibility to keep a focus on the different technical, financial and social potentials&barriers for deep renovation experienced by the experts and the audience involved. As a positive result from the discussion, the participants identified a set of key issues to be addressed in future research and development projects, that will be described in a position paper available in the next months.