New early adopter partner in Latvia

A geocluster strategic network is been set up to investigate the potential application of 4RinEU deep renovation approach in three different EU contexts, i.e. Latvia, also Hungary and Ireland.  In each country, an Early Adopter team made of local experts and stakeholders involved in the deep renovation process will draft a feasibility study on a sample building with the support of 4RinEU project partners.

At the end of January 2021, the first workshop with the new early adopter (Latvia, representing the North East geocluster) will take place, which is part of the North-East 4RinEU geocluster strategic network. The new early adopter partner is Ekubirojs, a social design Latvian NGO committed to building renovation. The aim of the first workshop will be the identification of the renovation priorities in Latvian market and consequent objectives for setting-up the best renovation packages, evaluating within those suggested by 4RinEU Project.

In such occasion, the methodology and tools developed within the 4RinEU project will be presented to the Latvian team, creating a feasibility study on a study case provided by the Latvian early adopter. The results, in terms of energy and comfort performances, coming from the application of 4RinEU solutions to the Latvian specific context will be further analysed and will be presented in the second and final workshop. Combined, these workshops will give the chance to share experiences and knowledge among involved partners, presenting and comparing theoretically the different renovation approaches in a specific context.


Photo credits: David Holt