The 4RinEU strategic network: upscaling innovative deep renovation solutions

4RinEU developed state-of-the-art renovation solutions designed to reduce a property’s energy consumption by up to 60 % while improving the building’s indoor environment.

Experience has shown that excellent research and successful demonstration of innovative solutions are not sufficient to ensure market uptake and broader outreach. This is even more true in the buildings sector, where solutions have to be tailored to specific national and regional markets and endorsed by professionals on the ground.

For this reason, 4RinEU has devised and implemented a dedicated strategy to increase the replication potential of the project’s solution. This strategy makes use of a Geocluster strategic network – to further test application and replication potential of the 4RinEU solutions across Europe. This network involves early adopters to supplement the demonstration cases already implemented in the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Norway. These early adopters come with sample buildings to be renovated and work with the project consortium on feasibility studies to assess how 4RinEU solutions could be applied to the buildings.

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