A successful renovation: the story of Mariënheuvel

The makeover of 4RinEU demo case in the Netherlands was completed in July 2020. According to the latest estimates, energy demand will be reduced by 80%

Mariënheuvel is a residential building for elderly people located in Soest and owned by the social housing agency Woonzorg Nederland. 4RinEU intervention consisted in the installation of timber prefabricated façade modules with integrated sun shadings and the placement of an upgraded HVAC system which couples mechanical ventilation and heat recovery. The prefabricated modules were designed by an international team made of project partners Gumpp & Maier, Eurac Research and Aderma and were then produced by the local manufacturer Prefabfabriek Culemborg. The onsite installation was carried out under supervision of Trecodome and lasted only three weeks. The whole process is documented by a time lapse video.

The results so far are promising: it is estimated that thanks to the deep renovation the building will increase its value by 50% and cut down its energy demand by 80%. Over the next few months Woonzorg Nederland will hand out questionnaires to the residents to collect feedback on their experience.

Read more on the renovation process of Mariënheuvel and watch the gallery here!