Deep renovation recipes for your building

Have fun with 4RinEU cookbook and learn about the most innovative solutions to make your home more efficient and comfortable 

Renovating buildings can boost their value and add comfort to the life of the residents. Over the past five years, the EU-funded project 4RinEU developed and tested cutting-edge renovation packages to make refurbishments cheaper and easier. 

The cookbook explains 4RinEU concept in six recipes where energy efficiency technologies are the main ingredients. The booklet is designed for students, but also for curious people willing to learn how deep renovation can affect their homes and their lives in an easy-to-understand language, free from technical jargon.  

Download 4RinEU cookbook and find the right solution for your taste and your budget! The cookbook is available in four languages (English, Italian, Spanish, and German).


Discover 4RinEU recipes to renovate your home: 

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