Renovation packages


The technology development driven by 4RinEU has reached the goal of defining prototypes, and the first performance measurements are now available. Following these results, 4RinEU started the evaluation of the technologies by mean of the building archetypes, with the definition of the deep renovation packages.

The building archetypes are representative of the building features of the European building stock.  In particular, following the analysis by SINTEF, that selected 24 buildings from the DataTool of the Intelligent Energy Project TABULA, we identified 4 common geometries (envelope dimensions and opaque/transparent ratio) to be adopted as reference. Each geometry will be analysed in each Geo-Cluster, and the specific layers and building features are being implemented (Figure 1).

The renovation packages are based on a set of technologies developed within the project: prefabricated wooden façade with the integration of PV, ST and ventilation devices, Plug&Play Energy Hub, comfort ceiling fans. 4RinEU results are combined with traditional technologies, completing the packages in order to fulfil the requirements in terms of energy saving. In particular, roof insulation, improvement of the efficiency of the heating plant, ground floor insulation and solutions to enhance the airtightness of the building.

Each renovation package is going to be evaluated through a set of Key Performance Indicators dealing with five thematic areas: Energy, Environment, Comfort and Indoor Air Quality, Economic issues and building site management (Table 1).

The results of the simulation set will represent the result basis for the cost effective rating tool under development by SINTEF with the collaboration of Eurac Research, Trecodome and Aiguasol.