Exploitation of 4RinEU results and path to market


The 4ERinEU project is developing technological products, software tools, and methodologies, which offer innovative advantages and solutions to needs in the framework of building renovations and energy retrofits.

10 main exploitable results were identified, on which partner R2M-Solution, together with EURAC and all the consortium partners, is developing strategies to best exploit them on the market. In this field, the performed analysis aims to manage the steps between research and development phase toward the market and commercialization activities, for those results which are more advanced in the development, while in general to ensure a better connection between R&D and market for all the project results.

The project partners are developing technological products (like the multifunctional prefabricated façade system, or the algorithms for smart operation of ceiling fans, or the Plug & Play Energy Hub), software tools offering solutions for simulation of RES systems and passive techniques, analysis and visualization of monitored data before and after the renovation interventions, and a deep renovation BIM-based collaborative design platform. In the project also comprehensive methodologies and calculation tools are under completion like the cost-optimal energy audit, the early design rating tool, a comprehensive strategy towards deep renovation, and the guidelines and technology concepts for managing building components end of life.

This represents a comprehensive set of integrated solutions for building refurbishments, particularly in the field of deep renovation, ranging from technological products to software, based on a complete set of methodologies.

In the exploitation activities for each product and the result of the project, a value proposition was developed, to analyse the peculiarities of each of them, their strengths and the specific benefits they can offer to the various customer segments.

A market watching activity is under completion, intending to analyse trends and features of the market segments related to the 4RinEU solutions. Peculiarities of market competitors and their products are also being analysed, to investigate similar solutions and services already available on the market, and corresponding strengths and weaknesses of the solutions developed in 4RinEU.

On this basis, proposals for real plans for exploitation path to the market have been proposed and they will be completed during the next months.

Between the suitable market segments, we are focusing on the field of deep renovation of social housing buildings and residential buildings stocks owned by housing companies (public or private) or by real estate actors.

This is an interesting area since it has great needs for maintenance and renovation, with high potential for energy savings and improvement of comfort conditions in homes.

Furthermore, this field presents large buildings assets that include great numbers of buildings. Often these have regular or repetitive geometric features.

These peculiarities offer the chance of a broad market for producing companies and possible economies of scale for public and private customers.

The systems developed in 4RinEU offer real advantages of faster execution and the possibility of not moving the occupants from their apartments during the renovation works, this represents a relevant aspect in general and even more in the social housing sector.

Actors in this field have urgent needs of maintenance and often have to decide between alternatives of demolition or renovation of large residential buildings. Analyses are being developed about this to offer information on the advantages of 4RinEU solutions for deep renovation, related to off-site prefabrication of multifunctional building components for facades and systems and the whole set of solutions developed in the project.