The Italian Demo-Case is a two floors multi-family house with 13 dwellings measuring between 35 m² and of 60 m².

About the renovation

The building in Pinerolo, Italy, has been renovated multiple times to improve energy efficiency. Thanks to 4RinEU, the building now has a new centralised system which manages the distribution of energy, the production of domestic hot water, as well as the temperature of each apartment through heating, cooling and ventilation.

The NRGate boxes installed under the roof of the demo building are controlled by an integrated digital controller that supplies space heating and instantaneous domestic hot water when connected to a hot water source and monitors the thermal energy consumed by the final user, distinguishing between domestic hot water and space heating.  The heat pump installed by 4RinEU is powered with the energy produced by the PV panels on the roof. All this with minimal interventions inside the dwellings.

The combination of building automation and passive measures for energy efficiency is expected to have a significant impact on the energy demand for heating.